I can’t think of new ideas anymore.
Everyone who does creative work has probably dealt with some form of creative block. It doesn’t mean your creativity has come to an end, though, but there is something blocking your access to it.

So, what to do when you find yourself facing a creative block? Maybe surrender and search for another job, right? Not at all! We prepared a few tips to help you access your creativity, which we swear is still right there where it always has been.

We must always keep our creativity well fed. Go search for inspiration on social media profiles and websites (you’ll find some at our Instagram account @llama_content), or maybe go even further and look for art exhibits near you.

Contrary to what one may think, working too much can be counterproductive. Your brain has to take a break to keep on functioning.
The concept of creative idleness posits that if you balance work, study and leisure chances are you’ll be consistently more creative and more productive.

Sit down for hours straight isn’t good for your health or your productivity. A lot of people recommend time management techniques such as Pomodoro, that suggests you should divide your day in 25 minutes work sprints interspersed with 5 minutes breaks (and a longer break after 4 work sprints). The important thing here is to drive your mind off work from time to time, preferably while moving your body a little bit.

Have you ever heard of the expression “let’s sleep on it”? Multiple studies suggest that your brain keeps working on difficult problems after you go to sleep. So, instead of working late on something you’re struggling to solve, go to bed. Maybe your breakthrough will come in the morning.

If you feel your best ideas come to you while taking a shower, you are not alone. Showers are relaxing for your body and for your brain. When you feel the pressure of coming with an idea, open the faucet and let your insecurities run to the drain.

Creative blocks can be lonely, we have an easy fix for that: call a friend, show them what you’ve been working on, open up about your struggle. It’s probable they have been through similar problems at some point and sharing perspectives can shed some light on what to do next to get you out of the block.

If you work from home, there are plenty of things that may distract you from your work. If that’s the case, try changing the environment surrounding you. It may mean cleaning your desk or altogether getting out of home and working from a café or a park for a while. The important thing is getting the usual distractions out of the way.

This may be bad news for the ones that can’t stand the gym, but a study has found that people who are physically active tend to be more creative. So, if you feel all your new ideas are weak, go pump some iron.

You can express your creativity in a variety of ways. If you are stuck in a design project, writing about it may help. You can play an instrument, dance, paint