As many of us have learned recently, working from home is not as easy as it might seem. Don’t get me wrong, working away from an office can be great, but there are some things we must do for it to work well.
Here are a few tips that can help you organize your time and make work as a freelancer an easier task.

You can use a whiteboard, a planner, an app or even make a bullet journal. What is important is to visualize all the tasks you must accomplish when you start working. The best moment to do it is often the night before. Spare some minutes to assess what you have accomplished and then prepare a new task list for the next day.

Books, video games, pets, if you work from home all your favorite things are only a step away from your desk. To avoid being distracted by all these things you must build a clean work environment.

Another important enemy lives in your pocket: social media is one of the biggest robbers of our time. Try to avoid scrolling during your work hours or, if staying a whole day away from your feed seem impossible to you, schedule small amounts of time to do it and keep your phone in another room the rest of the time.

Sit down for hours straight isn’t good for your health or your productivity. A lot of people recommend time management techniques such as Pomodoro, that suggests you should divide your day in 25 minutes work sprints interspersed with 5 minutes breaks (and a longer break after 4 work sprints). The important thing here is to drive your mind off work from time to time, preferably while moving your body a little bit.

Changing habits is challenging. But to achieve balance it is very important to build a routine, even if it means waking up a little bit earlier than usual. Once you get used to it, this will give your day a structure and help you to stay focused on your work. There is no secret recipe here, the best routine is the one the works for you.